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Hack for Sweden is a competition where the participants solve societal challenges with the help of open data over the course of 48 intense hours. Hack for Sweden is also a unique collaboration among 30 government agencies and organisations that want to enable the development of new services and products using their official open data.

Please note that the majority of the open data available will be in Swedish! 

Hackathon overview

The hackathon will take place at Norrsken House, a leading hub for innovation and technology. During the 48 hours you will divide into teams, pick a challenge, brainstorm, use open data and develop a prototype. Food, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the 48 hours. There will be tech coaches on site, to assist you with everything from extracting open data to coding skills.  On Sunday the 15th you will present your idea and the jury will announce the winners.

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Frequently asked questions

How Much Does It Cost To Participate?

Nothing! It's completely free so make sure to sign up as soon as possible, space is limited.

Can I Sign Up In A Team?

Yes, you have the possibility to sign up in a closed or open team, depending on the size of your team and if you are willing to be assigned more teammates. You specify this in the registration form. The maximum size of a team is 8. 

What Is Open Data? 

Open Data is data that is free for anyone to use. Our government agencies have tons of data that is just waiting for someone to create something valuable with. We have weather data, forest data, traffic data and plenty more! 

I’m Not Sure If I’m Qualified Enough To Join The Hackathon…

Sure you are! What are you talking about? Anyone can contribute to make a difference, which is what we’re all about. There will be a workshop for those who need some assistance in the beginning to kick start their ideas. There will also be tech coaches available throughout the weekend to help you out.

Where Do I Sleep?

At the hackathon facilities. Remember to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress.

Will There Be Food?

Yes! Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. Complimentary snacks and drinks will also be available.

Will There Be Any Prizes?

Yes, winners in all 5 categories will receive a prize. What the prizes are will be announced later on. 

Do I Have To Produce A Finished Product During The Hackathon?

No, you have 48 hours at your disposal and your contribution can range anywhere from a powerpoint presenting wireframes/mockups to clickable prototypes/proof-of-concepts to fully functional applications. The more developed the solution is, the better! 

What If I Don’t Have A Team?

You will have the opportunity to meet the other participants on the first day and we will make sure that everyone has a team. You also have the possibility to be assigned a team. If you wish to be assigned a team, just tick that box on the registration form.

When Does The Hackathon Start?

Registration on site will be held between 16:30 to 18:00 on Friday the 13th, which will be followed by an opening ceremony at 18.00.

What Challenges Are There To Work On?

The challenges will be announced in advance. They have a very wide range and the one thing they have in common is that they concern challenges in our society.

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Registration and exhibition

Registration on site and exhibition with open data from participating government agencies. 


Opening speech

Opening speech together with presentation of challenges.


API workshop (Optional)

Are you new to APIs? Take the opportunity to learn more!


Azure Workshop (Optional)

Not sure what platform to use? Get up to speed with Azure!


Capture The Flag (CTF, optional)

Are you stuck and need a break from your ongoing work? Compete in the CTF competition and test your hacking skills. 


Jury walk

The jury listens and take part of all the teams solutions 


Submit solution

You are required to submit your teams solution to a Devpost site (to be announced). The jury will use this information together with their input from the Jury Walk,  to choose the 10 finalists!  


The Grand Pitch

The 10 finalists pitch their solutions for the jury on stage.


Coding in the dark

While the jury is deciding on the winners, participants may partake in a coding challenge.


Prize ceremony

Prize ceremony and photoshoot


See you at Hack for Sweden 2019!